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Arizona Paranormal Times​ - ​Becoming Stewards of a New Earth

Arizona Paranormal Times​ - ​Becoming Stewards of a New Earth

By Katta Mapes, Your Psycho-Spiritual Guide and Xplorer 

What do you do for your living?

Are you forgiving, giving shelter?

Follow your heart

Love will find you

Truth will unbind you

Seek out a song of the soul

“Song of The Soul” lyrics by Cris Williamson on album “The Changer and the Changed.” (1975)

In the captivating world of the paranormal and the unexplained, the Arizona Paranormal Times stands out as a beacon of curiosity and exploration. Published by the esteemed David Swift at Transformational Publishing, this digital magazine continues to push the boundaries of traditional thought and invite readers into a realm of mystery and wonder. And the free April 2024 digital issue is no exception, with its focus on the theme of "Becoming Stewards of a New Earth."

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Arizona Paranormal Times is its ability to present a diverse range of topics and ideas that you won't find anywhere else. From ghostly encounters to UFO sightings, from ancient mysteries to cutting-edge metaphysical concepts, the magazine always delivers a mix of information that challenges the mind and stirs the imagination. And this month's issue is no different, offering readers a thought-provoking journey into the idea of what it means to be a steward of a new Earth.

As we find ourselves facing an increasingly uncertain and tumultuous world, the concept of stewardship takes on a new and pressing significance. How can we care for our planet and its inhabitants in a way that promotes harmony, healing, and evolution? This is the central question posed by the Arizona Paranormal Times in its latest issue, inviting readers to explore the ways in which we can all play a role in shaping a brighter future for our world.

Through a combination of expert analysis, first-hand accounts, and visionary insights, the magazine delves deep into the concept of stewardship from a paranormal perspective. Readers will encounter stories of individuals who have had profound paranormal experiences that have transformed their understanding of their connection to the Earth and the cosmos. They will also be introduced to cutting-edge theories, information, ideas, and practices that suggest new ways of thinking about our role as stewards of this planet.

But the Arizona Paranormal Times doesn't just stop at presenting information – it also encourages readers to take action. Whether it's through personal reflection, community engagement, or environmental advocacy, the magazine offers practical suggestions for how each of us can make a positive impact on the world around us. By empowering readers to become active participants in the process of transformation, the magazine inspires a sense of hope and agency in the face of challenges.

In a world that is often filled with uncertainty and fear, the Arizona Paranormal Times stands out as a beacon of light and possibility. Through its free April 2024 digital issue, readers are invited to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, to expand their minds and open their hearts to new possibilities. So, if you have a curious spirit and a thirst for the unknown, don't hesitate to dive into the pages of this extraordinary publication and start your own journey towards becoming a steward of a new Earth.

Click on this link to see the full issue of Arizona Paranormal Times (scroll down to see the April issue).

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