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Beginning Tarot Workshop – in Tucson, AZ

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Beginning Tarot Workshop – in Tucson, AZ

By Katta Mapes, Your Psycho-Spiritual Guide and Xplorer  

“Tarot Reading is an art based on intuition, interpretation, and perception.”― Nikita Dudani

Are you interested in learning the Intuitive Art of Tarot? Do you want to gain insights and understanding for yourself and others? Look no further! We have the perfect opportunity for you to delve into the world of Tarot with a master teacher, Katta Mapes.

In just one day, you will learn the basics of Tarot and improve your confidence and intuitive abilities when reading the cards. Katta Mapes is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who will guide you through the workshop, helping you unlock the mystery and power of the Tarot.

The workshop will take place on Saturday, January 20th from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm. It is a full-day immersion into the world of Tarot, so come prepared with a notebook and pen to take notes and record any insights you may receive. You will also need to bring your own Tarot deck(s), but don't worry if you don't have one yet. Cynthia, our store owner, has a selection of decks for you to choose from.

The cost of the workshop is $80, and we highly recommend prepaying before the workshop begins to secure your spot – pay at Mystic Cavern. 

This Tarot workshop is a fantastic opportunity for beginners and those looking to deepen their understanding of the Tarot. It's a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, develop your intuition, and gain valuable insight for personal growth and spiritual exploration.


For our Spanish-speaking participants, good news! Estos talleres están disponibles en español. Si prefieres recibir la enseñanza en español, por favor comunícate con para obtener más información y confirmar tu asistencia.

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