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BEWARE (Be + Aware) of Spiritual Scammers

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BEWARE (Be + Aware) of Spiritual Scammers

By Katta Mapes, Your Psycho-Spiritual Guide and Xplorer

Are you feeling lost, seeking answers, or hoping for a connection to the divine realm? Well, tread carefully, my friend, because the path to spiritual enlightenment is not immune to tricksters! Yes, we're talking about those extra un-extraordinary individuals who exploit our longing for solace, comfort, and the occasional winning lottery number through the facade of psychic abilities whether they claim to be a psychic, a medium or a channeBrace yourself, as we embark on a journey filled with humor and wit, exposing these devious spiritual scammers!

The Mystical Multi-Level Marketing Marvel:

Have you ever encountered a psychic who seemed more interested in selling crystals, essential oils, or a life-time supply of chakra-boosting water bottles? Trust your gut, my friend! Because if they're more focused on peddling products than tuning into the ethereal realm, they might just be a spiritual scam-artist disguised as a self-proclaimed guru!

Crystal Clear Clairvoyants (Not Really!):

Picture this: you sit down with a psychic, expecting a mind-blowing revelation, only to have them stare deeply into a crystal ball, as if they were expecting it to start playing Netflix! Ah, the magical powers of a shiny stone. But remember, if a psychic relies too heavily on their decorative crystal or mystical tools, they might just be putting on a show rather than tapping into the cosmic energy.

When Mediums Go "Medium-Rare":

Enter the world of mediumship – a realm where connecting with the deceased becomes as easy as dropping a hat. Or so they claim! Beware the mediums who eagerly wait for an audience member to say, "I'm sensing someone with the letter 'C' in their name…" only to have half the room raise their hand in excitement! Those spirit-loving tricksters are probably feeding off energy rather than communing with the dearly departed.

A Streak of "Psychic" Serendipity:

"Ah, I sense something important coming your way! Big changes! Life-altering events!" If a psychic's predictions sound like vague horoscope entries, setting the stage for surprise parties and, well, life itself, maybe it's time to grab a Magic 8-Ball for more accurate insights. Remember, my friend - life has its own share of unexpected twists, and a little wit can help you navigate them better than any "clairvoyant" could.

Generic Guidance Galore:

Ever met a psychic who delivers more lines than a supermarket cashier on a rainy day? "You have a caring soul and a good sense of humor. Be true to yourself and follow your dreams!" Wait, doesn't that apply to nearly everyone? If the guidance feels like it could have come straight out of a fortune cookie, then don't be fooled – you might just be in the presence of the "Master of Ambiguity!"

So, dear seeker of spiritual guidance, remember that while your quest for answers is valid, your discerning humor is just as crucial! Recognizing spiritual scammers, with their outlandish claims and mystical props, can save you from unnecessary disillusionment. Embrace the laughter and wit, for it helps us face the world – and charlatans – with both eyes open. Stay wise, stay vigilant, and continue your path, knowing that true enlightenment is not found in the fraudulent tricks of so-called psychics, but within your own remarkable journey!

P.S. In case you are wondering, Psycho-Spirituality is a blend of psychology and spirituality.

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Dana Pat
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