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Cowrie Shell Divination

Lisa Lorius will join us from Michigan at the Wednesday Discovery at 6 p.m. (MST- Arizona time) on January 31. She will discuss her spiritual journey and her specialty of Cowrie Shell Divination. January 31 at this

Zoom Link: Join HerePassword: awaken

6 pm (8 p.m./EST; 7 p.m./CST and 5 p.m./PST)


Lisa is a lifelong learner who has embraced various spiritual practices to overcome challenges and find greater fulfillment in life. She has become a Reiki master, a registered yoga teacher, and a shamanic practitioner, exploring different cosmologies of shamanism such as Peruvian, African, and Irish traditions. 

These studies have equipped her with valuable tools for navigating through life more smoothly. Lisa is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences with others, which she does through her work as a healthcare consultant and trainer. 

Alongside her spiritual pursuits, Lisa has also pursued formal education, earning a bachelor’s degree in international relations and an MBA in Logistics from Michigan State University. 

The journey of motherhood has played a significant role in Lisa's personal growth, prompting her to change her perception of herself and the world. Her three incredible children serve as her teachers and inspiration. 

Here is the link to her web site: 


You can join each week with the same Zoom link – bookmark it for easy access (pass code awaken, if needed):


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