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Creating Conscious Connections - Reaching OUT with My Mystic Messages

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Creating Conscious Connections - Reaching OUT with My Mystic Messages 

By Katta Mapes, Your Psycho-Spiritual Guide and Xplorer  

Besides being a co-founder of Awaken and Discover I am also the long-time founder of Creating Conscious Connections. In that endeavor my motto is:

Connect with the Divine Source of your being for the benefit of all.

Reach IN to connect with yourself

Reach OUT to connect with others

Reach UP to connect with the Divine

The Major Arcana in particular speaks to what Carl Jung termed “the universal subconscious.” Each of the 22 cards symbolizes a different portion of the psyche, leading the querent on a spiritual journey from division to wholeness.” - Christine Aprile

What most people think of when they hear about connecting they think of connecting with others. For one month I decided to focus on this connection using only the Major Arcana from the classic Ride Waite Tarot card deck for my daily Mystic Messages.

The Major Arcana is an essential component of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot card deck (Amazon Link) which has a total of 78 cards. The Major Arcana consists of only 22 cards, each of which holds significant symbolism and represents various stages of a person's spiritual journey or life experiences.

The Major Arcana cards are considered the most powerful and impactful in a Tarot reading. They address profound and pivotal aspects of life, such as love, career, personal growth, and spirituality. Each card depicts a distinct image, often featuring archetypal characters, symbols, and allegories.

From the Fool (Card 0) to the World (Card 21), the Major Arcana follows a sequential narrative. It begins with the Fool's innocence and exploration, representing a fresh start or a new phase in life. Each subsequent card highlights different stages and challenges of personal development, reflecting the various archetypal energies and life lessons we encounter.

These cards delve into universal themes and offer guidance, insights, and reflections about the journey we all navigate. They provide a holistic view of life's triumphs and tribulations, encouraging self-reflection, personal transformation, and spiritual growth.

The Major Arcana offers profound wisdom and invitations for introspection. These cards serve as a mirror for self-discovery, enabling individuals to gain clarity, make choices, and navigate their paths with wisdom and understanding.

Before I pulled a Major Arcana card for the day I sat in silence for a moment and set this intention: 

“Please let me see what I need to know today about connecting with others.”

I pulled the card and got a sense of what it will mean as it colors my day. Then I set it on my desk so I would see it often during the day.

In the evening I took time to look at the card and reflect on how it applied to my day. 

Here was My Mystic Message for December 26:

The card I pulled was The Star.

In the context of my intention to see about connecting with others I took this as a positive sign as I have started to connect more deeply with a new group of people.

In my evening reflection on this card, I considered the invitation I received to a gathering of friends, a message that someone missed me in water aerobics that day and a loving phone call with my daughter.

Unfortunately, the booklet that came with the card deck didn’t have such a positive presentation for The Star. It said, “Loss, theft, privation, abandonment.” Even the meaning for the card when reversed was discouraging. I have long since learned to trust my intuitive sense of the meaning of cards and tend to put a positive spin on it.

In my Tarot classes I ask students to pull a card daily to get their Mystic Message while also learning more about the meanings of the cards in their chosen deck. This process gives us both:

  • Insights into our lives 

  • A deep dive into our chosen card deck(s)

I also teach a class called, The Tarot for Personal Growth, I show ways to discover different ways to connect with yourself, with others and with the Divine.

Each month I choose a different deck for My Mystic Messages.

NOTE: This blog is a collaborative effort with Katta’s Natural Intelligence plus an AI assistant.

AWAKEN – become more aware


DISCOVER – explore all of who you are ~ human and soul


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